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Picture taken Friday night at the dinner at Melrose Winery



Below are comments about the reunion


Shirley, enough can't be said to compliment you for putting together this morning's memorial.  Many many people were moved to tears.  The agenda was flawless because of you. I know you worked many many hours ensuring this event would be perfect.  It was.  Your iron will in carrying out your vision showed in every detail.

Michelle,  your recruiting of Lee was a true gift to the class. His speech was more than inspiring, it was courageous.  I can hardly wait to get a copy of his remarks.  Thank you so much.

 Dave, your pulling together of donors for the plaques is in the best company of development directors everywhere.  Thank you also for the medal and copy of my plaque...what an incredible gesture.  I'll treasure them both.  I've come to know we can always count on you to be in the forefront of making people feel special.  It's time to recognize your contributions to all those you've touched over the years...starting with your zillions of students.

Bonnie, as always, I can't believe the magic you make with the web site and now, the Book.  I was pleased to see some recognition of your efforts at the dinner Friday.  In this largely all-thumbs group when it comes to computers, you stand out as a true leader.

Thanks again to you all.

David Butler
I had a great time at the 50th and it meant a lot to me that some people actually knew who I was! Thanks for the hugs and more memories of the class of 1964. I'm sorry I couldn't attend all the activities, but to get to the dinner was a special treat for me. It was such a perfect warm evening and even a super moon to mark the occasion. Can't get much better than that. Thank you to all the organizers and volunteers for putting on a good show. And our very own 'three tenors'..(well, maybe they aren't tenors, but you know what I mean) brought back memories of when they entertained us in school. What a special moment. Thanks, guys, for doing that. And I was so happy to see my "Orange R" team mates, even though I didn't get everybody in the photo that I wanted...(that darn PA system didn't get to the back 40). I was sorry to learn of the death of Mr. Dutton, our Journalism teacher. For some reason I never got that memo until Friday night. Maybe he made it there in spirit. I hope so.
Susan Ellison Collins

 Thank you Shirley, Joanne, Muriel, Dave, Bonnie and all the people who made the reunion possible. It was so much fun to talk to people I had not seen in 50 years and also to renew friendships from the past. Wished I had talked to more that I missed!!

Mitzi Takano Stansbury


50th High School Reunion
Faces of old, faces of now,
Playmates, tetherball, volleyball, softball, marbles,
Monkey bars, running, laughing, peers.  Sunday school.
Learning to dance and talk to boys in a
different way (keep your hand off of my chest!).
Picking strawberries, green beans and/or pears –
Babysitting - earning my own money!
Math, science, reading and writing, important tests and good books.
Junk food for lunch (delicious). Skipping school – freedom ahead.
Football/basketball/baseball games, track; pep rallies.
Sneaking out, slumber parties, sleeping outside, smoking.
Co-ed parties – spin the bottle (oh no, I have to kiss him).
Hellos and goodbyes -- looking back and anticipating forward.
This week:  Once again a hello accompanied by hugs, smiles and laughter – “fun” doesn’t begin to describe it. 
I’m home feeling happy, nostalgic and physically tired.  Before heading home yesterday, I spent a little time perusing the old neighborhood and “hometown” which gave way to lots of reflection on the 3 hour drive home. 
One small sharing:  Paul Lewis was my best friend in early grade school years, my buddy, my brother, my teammate (his name was on my doll’s shoes).  I have not seen Paul in over 50 years.  We connected a little via Bonnie’s baby (website) but have not made it to meet up face to face.  Thurs. night this giant smiling young at heart man ran across the room and gave me the biggest bear hug.  It was a genuine, heartfelt-childlike connection between old friends who share a common history. Maybe it is important because it offers validation to a segment of my life.  A life blessing that I am grateful for. 
There were many moments like this throughout this event so thank you’s to
our event organizers, entertainers and participants, seems inadequate but please know it comes from the heart.  Shirley, JoAnne, the committee members, Bonnie, Dave and others- thank you one and all and thank you my beloved classmates – it was real. 

Gail White Parnell


I agree with all that's already been said.  It was a great weekend!  Wish we could have made it down for Pizza, but wasn't possible.  

The venue for Friday night was fabulous!  What a beautiful setting, & we couldn't have asked for better weather for all 3 days.  Food was good, & thoroughly enjoyed hearing the trio sing together again.  my only regret is not having time to visit with everyone.  I didn't get a chance to say hi to Sue Woodworth, which I was looking forward to, among many others.

 I did however, get a chance to see & talk to John Denny, who I've known since we were children.  Our Dad's worked together at Sun Studs, back in the 50s, & our families did stuff together for years, until we got old enough that we no longer wanted to do stuff with our parents.   Our parents were friends till my parents passed, but I hadn't seen John since we were kids.  Was so nice to see him, meet his wife, catch up on his life, & introduce him to Rick.

Thoroughly enjoyed the Tea on Saturday.  The food was wonderful, as well.  Well done, Muriel, for thinking of it, & putting it all together.

I'm  so glad I convinced Rick to play golf on Saturday.  He hasn't had so much fun in a long time!   Said they were a great bunch of guys, & he felt like he'd known them as long as they've all known each other.  Wants to be an honorary 64er.  LOL. 

Then of course we get to Sunday.  A lot has already been said about that, & I agree with all.  It was wonderful & so touching.  I was brought to tears several times.  I'm so glad it was there, because I didn't even know about the plaques there, or that wonderful wall!  I hope the residents of Roseburg have all gone to view it.  

SHIRLEY OLDFIELD, YOU ARE THE BOMB!!!  Thank you and all the others who helped you, so much for all your hard work!!!

Margie Long Schermerhorn


We were at the downtown cruise on Saturday night, as well.  Class of 63 Marla Burt Stevenson and her husband, Dick, picked us up at the Episcopal Church lawn in their 68 Mustang Fastback.  We rode the route with them two times; Marla and I attempting to catch up on the past 15 years or so during the ride!!  We also spent time that evening while downtown enjoying the cruise with two other couples whom I've known for years.  All in all, in addition to spending the weekend with many RHS Class of 64 friends, we were able to visit with five couples not associated with our class.  Busy, busy weekend! 

One word for the weekend is magical - right down to the super moon that hung in the sky Friday night at the winery.  The majority of the classmates enjoyed the magical weekend, due to the few who spent hours/weeks/months planning the event.  MANY THANKS!!!!!

Rita Rosenholm Beckman


Bonnie you were so right with your one word comment... WOW!

I totally agree. I was expecting a great time of course but those 4 days (5) in my case were exceptional.... quite over the top.

Wednesday began with the arrival of the O'Day's from Iowa..via the Floth's . We enjoyed cocktails on our patio and lots of great conversation. Then relocated to one of my favorite restaurants in NW Portland "Paley's Place". Another 2 hours of good food and more fabulous conversation and laughter followed. Such a good time.

Thursday found us pointing our old Cadillac in a very familiar direction heading for the 'Burg. The Abby's get together is always a great ice-breaker with great pizza to boot.  One of the first people I saw was Jackie Hogan Wines. She was my next door neighbor way back when. Jackie's mother and Jackie also played the accordion and her Dad played the guitar. I used to love visiting their house!

I missed the school tour but heard it was terrific and brought back a ton on memories.

Friday night was just flat out amazing.. from the super moon to the great food , and fantastic wines. I particularly enjoyed the music provided by our three handsome classmates Doug, Dave and Gary. You guys rocked it!

A few things that were special. Gail White's dress. How hard it was for the photographer to get us lined up for the photo. The phrase "herding cats" is the phrase I heard. The very informative and well done talk by "Mr. Roseburg"  Niel Hummel. We were very disappointed that it was interrupted.. And I wish Dave Sevall had gotten more recognition for his work keeping us all entertained and involved here on the corner.

Saturday was such a treat. I was with the 'ladies who lunch' bunch at UCC. The high english tea was just fabulous. What a great job Muriel did!!

Sunday started early but was totally worth it. The visual of the wall itself is impressive. Mr. Patterson gave an outstanding speech from the heart. Having the opportunity to salute our classmates that served our country in person was priceless.

So to sum up I'd just say it was just about the best four days ever.

Thanks to Shirley and all of her committee for all their hard work, and as always great appreciation to Bonnie, Dave and Larry for this terrific web site that keeps us all together.

Judy Smithee Dresser


What a wonderful weekend with Thursday evening and Pizza at Abbey's, Friday night was awesome, fun, exciting, and filled with wonderful memories.  Standing in front of our class singing with Doug and Dave was a pleasure and brought back memories singing in the old auditorium with our red sweater, white short sleeved shirt and ties.  It was like yesterday. Thanks Neil for the update and growth of our beloved Roseburg and Douglas county.  Dave Seavall, thank you for always finding things to challenge our memory and the memorial service on Sunday morning.  To Shirley and Joanne for all you continue to do in keeping our class up to date.  To Murial for the wonderful tea party, my wife felt like she was part of the class of 64!  Bonnie and Susan for always having a camera in our faces. Susan, thank you for bringing some of those Orange R's , Jennifer and I had fun checking out the advertising we laid out in those papers.  Jeff Willey's wife, Lois found and advertisement from Montgomery Ward with the Famous(only in our minds) Chord Don's singing wearing those red sweaters we bought at Montgomery Wards.  Adding Grafetti week was also a great plus.  I love beautiful cars!

I'm sure I have forgotten someone who also helped with making this the best ever reunion.  Thanks Thanks, Thanks! 

Gary Riffe


Dave once again I am impressed with your "way with words".  As for the weight room at RHS, I remember being told that the weight room used to be in the old band building.  The high school scored that building as it was being condemed someplace else and moved it to our campus.  It was used for another 50 years or so as the band building and then a weight room.  When the weights started falling through the floor it was finally flattened and the new gym built in it's place.  That is really more of a history of why the weights are in our lunch room not so much as why but I hope to at least score a point or two with my answer.

But speaking of "the weight room" would anyone who took the picture of us sitting on the bleachers please post that picture for the rest of us to enjoy.  Marilyn thanks for your suggestion that we all sit together.

Mike Crunican


This was the best ever! Had a great time, great venue, lots of classmates, everyone looked good and seemed so happy! Thanks to all the organizers....couldn't have been better!

Marilyn Fisher Giles


The committee thanks you for expressions of appreciation and praise. It is gratifying to know that we presented an evening and weekend which were pleasureable to our classmates and will provide some fond memories to reflect upon and share with others.

The committee feels that we accomplished our mission---to present a weekend with a multitude of activities with enough variety to make available to classmates something that would be of interest for everyone. Pizza night, school tour, reunion dinner and entertainment, tea, golf, graffiti, and the memorial remembrance, and plenty of free time to visit with friends and catch up on the news, or to be 18 years old again.

Our goal was to have and "all inclusive" weekend. We wanted every classmate to feel like he/she belonged and was an important part of the Class of 64. Again we think that was accomplished.

Thank you for attending the reunion and making it a enjoyable experience for all who attended.

Shirley Oldfield,

Committee Chairman


Since I visited my brother after the reunion, I have not had a chance to comment since I had so much fun.....quite honestly, I could not have commented since I totally lost my voice by Sunday!   As I grew older I realized I had a very wise mother.  She used to tell me when I was young and had something happy or exciting happen, to make a picture postcard and put it in my brain.  I could pull them out when times got hard and look through all of my "postcards".  (I think it was her way of telling me to count my blessings).  Anyway,  I was lucky to have had the opportunity to make many picture postcards in my life, but I made so many more last weekend.  Thank you for so many years of friendship and memories.  I have a whole new batch of those "postcards".  Enough to last me for much more life.  It was great seeing everyone....we were a very blessed class.

Barbara Saar Baldwin

I agree with you all and had a wonderful time at the reunion.  I felt it was a perfect mesh of informal, yet elegant with lots of opportunity to interact.  I just think it is hard to interact with 120 at one time, so of course there were people I missed speaking with.  As some of you know, by Sunday I was unable to speak at all so obviously I got plenty of talking in.  I find the number of people who came amazing.....more than attended the 10th!  Both of my parents graduated from Roseburg...in 1936 I believe.  I remember my mom talking about the 50th reunion and I want to say that there were something like 12 people there.  I believe this website has altered our ability to stay in touch....it has made it possible to know more people as they are currently rather than greeting them frozen in time and thinking of them as they were in high school.  So, I hope that wasn't it.....that we all have more opportunity to see and talk with each other as we get older.  

Barbara Saar Baldwin


I just celebrated my 50th class reunion here in Roseburg this past weekend!  Yes,  the class of 1964, met 4 days in a row where we met with one another and shared stories of our high school days and what we have been up to over these past 50 years.  Mostly the discussion centered around our family, careers and what many of us are doing with our lives now.  One common theme seem to rise to the top and that was how proud we are of ourselves and our families.  
One of our classmates traveled all the way from Australia,  one has been married 51 years, one was the oldest at 70, one couple had the most kids at 8, one had the most grandkids at 14 and great grand kids at 9.  There were even some who had great-great-grandkids.  All of us support grey hair, are 20-50 lbs heavier, have glasses, hearing aids, canes and a few in wheel chairs.  A far cry from those idealistic, energetic, cocky, and born to "change the world kids of the 1964."   It was a fun weekend for me and the most moving event was the dedication of 7 plagues purchased for our fellow classmates who were veterans of the Viet Nam War. I was one of those that was given a plague.   These plaques will be on display at the VFW war memorial in Roseburg.  
June's Residential highlights have really improved with 107 closed sales which is a +20% increase above the 95 for June of 2013.  This represents the best June for closed sales in Douglas County since 2007 when they were 113.  I recall that 2007 was our best year ever in real estate sales when the average sales price was $250,000.   Year to date the number of closed sales is just 1 lower than last year which posted 592 compared to 591 for 2014.  
Douglas County house prices are rising.  The average sales price for the first half of 2014 is up +14.1% to $178,600 compared to the same period in 2013 when the average was $156,500.  Also, when you compare the median prices we see that they have increased by +11.8% from $136,000 last year to $152,000 this year.  I am very confident that for the rest of the summer we will continue to see improvement because inventory is tight, in fact we only have a 8.8 month supply of homes on the market for sale.  The average total marketing time has also decreased to 134 days the lowest so far this year.  This is down from 183 days when you compare it to last year at this time.  
 I feel very fortunate that the market has remained very strong in our community and our company continues to grow in the number of listings we have as well as the number of sales we make.  In fact, if you know of anyone that would like to buy or sell real estate have them call us.  We need more listings right now because our inventory is low.  
Please remember to keep our military men, women and their families in your thoughts and prayers for they all make many sacrifices for us and our country.  I want to also wish all of you a fun summer, with fishing, camping, hanging out at the beach, the parks and reading a good book.  Enjoy life for as we all know.....this is not a dress rehearsal. 

Neil Hummel


This was my second reunion attendance and I liked this one best!  I enjoyed visiting with the people I was able to and especially enjoyed the time I spent with Patty (Stein) Mason.  Email, telephones, etc., aren't the same as being in the same space, although I am very thankful for the ease of communication we have now compared to when we graduated.

Barbara Davis


Comments from spouses

Hello my new friends of Class of 64,

Congratulations for your outstanding 50th reunion weekend.  Margie and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and I certainly enjoyed meeting many of you, not the least of which are my new golf pals.  The Sunday memorial was certainly the highlight.  It was a moving and memorable experience so very  appropriate for our age group and a blessing to the community.

You are a classy bunch and I'm looking forward to seeing you again.  Thanks again for a great weekend!

Rick Schermerhorn


Well as my wife said we throughly enjoyed the four days in Roseburg. The organizers certainly deserve a lot of credit for putting on such an event. Really had a great time.

Dave Dresser


"64 Classmates make me feel at home and accepted.  I have been to several reunions.  Each reunion I feel more and more like I am one of you.  What a great class!"  Shirley McClung